Caribbean music sensation ‘Lu City’ have released their latest single, “Sa Ka Fête” featuring platinum selling, Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Shontelle.

Lu City & Shontelle have created an afro-inspired track with an upbeat creole and Caribbean influence. ‘Sa Ka Fête’, translates to ‘What’s up or what’s going on” in the French Creole language – a homage to Lu City’s St. Lucian upbringing. The group continues to be inspired by the Caribbean people, energy and environment, adding a modern and mainstream twist to the music.

This release signals the return of Shontelle to the music scene after a well-deserved break. Shontelle, best known for her 2010 platinum smash hit ‘Impossible’ has been sorely missed from the music scene and made the decision to re-remerge alongside’ her boys’ Lu City. This level of confidence and support speaks volumes about the potential and talent of the duo as well as promise of great inter-island and nation collaborations in the future.


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