Luboku – Closer (Neyo Cover)


Australia’s Luboku reworks the legendary single “Closer” made famous by American singer / songwriter, Neyo, on the heels of his EP release, “The Surface”

Melbourne based producer/songwriter Luboku (Luis Kennett), has, over the past year quickly risen to become one of the most unique up-and-coming talents Australia possesses. Having introduced himself with a run of stand-out singles, he today shares his debut solo EP The Surface (out via Sydney-based label etcetc), a body of work that showcases his versatile approach to songwriting, blending pop, electronic and RnB soundscapes along the way. To celebrate the release, he’ll also be heading out for his first Australian tour early next year.

Of the EP, which was carefully-crafted over an extended period, Kennett shares; “The Surface (EP) is a snapshot of my experiences over the past two years, a period which has been marked by growth and change. Each track encapsulating a moment that talks to the realities of living in a digital time. The world is changing and I believe more than ever that it’s important to critically think about the mark we leave. The title ‘The Surface’ is both a statement and a reminder – a statement on my view of our world and a reminder for myself to think more deeply about how I live my life.”

​Luboku​ ​is no average-sounding affair. He creates deep, shadowy production – a swirling haze of harmonies, marked with dark and brooding melodies – crafted into tracks that are at the same time uplifting and melancholic.


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