Lucas Roth drops visuals for “Three Strikes,” a rooftop display of his fun, but slightly dangerous lifestyle. The Detroit native exhibits his creativity in front of the L.A. skyline with his squad.

Heavy bass, modern drums and clever word play come together to create this record, as several baseball analogies tie into the underlying theme of sex and drugs. Roth and his crew rock gear from both of his cities, and extra lingerie scenes provide a provocative element to the video.

“This shoot was crazy fun!” said Roth. “Watching the sun go down over the city from that roof is something I’ll never forget. I was just hoping to get some visual reference to my lyrics about L.A., and that took it to another level.”

“Three Strikes” is featured on Roth’s debut album, You’re Gonna Go Far, Kidwhich was released 8/24/18. Now four music videos deep, the rapper continues to create an audience with his party-centric approach to hip-hop.

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