Making Waves In Rhode Island: Lunchbagg and Larry Ohh Deliver New Single “Take 2”


Rapper / Producer combo Lunchbagg and Larry Ohh (respectively) have been working on music for about the past year. They have a podcast together called Lunch! In The Morning, and have shared the live stage together numerous times throughout their musical careers.

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Photo credit Amed Torres

Lunchbagg grew up with a passion for punk music.
“I played drums and guitar for a long time and began interning at a recording studio where I learned a ton about writing for singers and writing catchy songs. To the point where it comes naturally to me”
Lunchbagg explains that music is his outlet and he credits his punk influence for the unique tinge he brings to the modern hip hop / rap genre.
“With my last project, “The Holy & The Hostile” I explored a lot more emotions and soundscapes than previously. The song “Best Friend” is about losing a friend a few years back.”
A producer himself, Lunch is able to bounce ideas off Larry and they are able to work together to create the best product possible.
“Take 2 was a beat that I started and made the drum pattern for, then [Larry] took the sections and made drops. The structure of that song is so different. I came out with that little solo at the end; Larry took a vocal chop of mine and made it into an instrument for us to use throughout the song. I love stuff like that”
Lunch’s biggest musical influences have a wide range (depending on what he’s working on) including The Misfits, Television, Patti Smith, Sunny Day Real Estate, Dance Gavin Dance, Danny Brown, and Jimi Hendrix.
Outside of music Lunchbagg also paints and writes. His goal is to continue to write songs that move himself and the listener and to continue to play for bigger crowds.
“I wan’t to play crowds of like 10,000 people. Festivals, stadiums all that. Its gonna be a lot of hard work but I know that it’ll happen. I’ve got good, smart people around me and I’m always learning. Everytime I get to travel with my team and perform music its an experience. Its what I love to do and I never take it for granted.”

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