Lyricaly Artistic Shares His Testimony of Going From Tragedy To Triumph | @LyricalyA

Lyricaly ArtisticThe art of rap is a craft known by many but only mastered by a few. The energy filled, sporadic movement of the break dancers combined with the fast spinning, table-turning hands of the DJ would mesh with emcee’s raps and rhymes more perfectly than peanut butter and jelly; creating the Hip Hop genre listeners now embrace and love. However, with the emergence of technology, the simple yet profoundness of rap’s lyrical essence, was lost. Midwest wordsmith Lyricaly Artistic aims to turn that around.

Also known as L.A, Lyricaly Artistic was raised in a one-bedroom house in Normandy, a small municipality in St. Louis, MO. Growing up, his family was well known and respected Lyricaly Artisticthroughout the city; his grandmother standing as the matriarch of the family who consistently turned nothing into something and watched over the neighborhood children as the head lunch lady at the local elementary school. From an early age, L.A could remember being in love with music and at 7 years old, he wrote his first rap song in the basement of his childhood home; the first step on a long journey towards his dreams.

The older he grew the more he matured in his craft. Slowly, Lyricaly Artistic developed a personal style and flow unique to his brand. Years spent studying the art of Hip Hop and some of its most iconic voices created a hunger for greatness within the young emcee and a desire for the world to hear his story. It was in his late teens that he started recording music; setting up two boom boxes to play beats and record over them with rhymes. It was long before everyone in his neighborhood began to boast about the young rapper L.A from Normandy who has a strong voice worth listening to.

In 1993, Lyricaly Artistic released his first demo tape titled Mystical Thought. The disc circulated throughout the St. Louis, with approximately 1,000 units flooding the streets. His first free throw in a never-ending game, Mystical Thought established L.A as a voice to watch in the city and brought recognition to his brand and his sound. But the emcee was still developing and life, circumstance, triumph, and tragedy would bring an intense maturity to his music that listeners couldn’t get enough of.

By the time L.A released Pujols the Gang (2012), the city was familiar and ready for him to Lyricaly Artisticshine. Performances throughout the market and endorsements from radio and club DJ’s aided in pushing the brand forward and L.A’s dedication to a real, organic Hip Hop sound set him apart from other independent rap brands emerging in St. Louis. His 2017 album, The Art of Rap, a compilation of L.A’s best music, stationed him as a landmark in the city’s underground rap scene and made him the first emcee to release a 52 track album.

Overflowing with humbleness yet hungry for more, Lyricaly Artistic is a king amongst kings. With music driven by testimony and fact, and his unwavering necessity to remain true to raw lyricism, L.A has no choice but to write his name amongst the stars by creating timeless music that will be remembered forever.



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