MadD3E – Wonderful (Feat. Jodie Abacus) | @MadD3E_music |

Keeping the momentum soaring​ after his feel-good tune ​‘Know Me Better’ ​ out just a few weeks ago, Rome-born DJ and producer ​MadD3E ​is back for yet another emotional R&B song, simply named ‘Wonderful’ ​ , and accompanied by South London’s singer ​Jodie Abacus​ on vocals.

Returning on French imprint ​Sidekick Music​, ‘Mauro Meddi’ — ​aka ​ MadD3E — delivers an infectious vocal-lead single, alongside his signature Funk stylings. Powerful electronic synths, catchy melody and low-slung bassline are perfectly balanced in a downtempo rhythm perfecting Jodie Abacus’ performance. Following his critically-acclaimed ​‘Everything Is Going to Be OK’ ​ EP last year, the lone Soul warrior backs at it again, joining forces this time with MadD3E on a 3-minute delight. Welcome to their ‘wonderful’ world, and enjoy.

With countless surprises under his belt for 2020, be sure MadD3E will be a name that you’ll continue to hear!




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