Madeleine Grace Delivers New Single “Honest”


‘Honest’ is the second solo release from the Stockholm-based songwriter and performer Madeleine Grace. The track combines classic soul, hip hop and rock and shows a broader and more personal sound compared to previous releases.

“Honest reflects on how you give and receive love is based on your inner state of mind and not on your actions,” that is how the artist describes the track in her own words.

After several years as a singer in Oslo-based Two Yearz, she premiered as solo artist in February 2018 with laid back ballad “Sail Away.” It was voted in by the listeners of Swedish Radio Station P3 and independent music magazine described it as “stripped down R&B of the best kind, reminiscent of contemporary greats such as India Arie and Sade”.

Madeleine Grace was born and partly raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Inspiration came early from TLC, Lil’ Kim, Janet Jackson, Destiny’s Child and Jennifer Lopez, as well as Congolese artists such as Koffi Olomodì and Papa Wemba. “Honest” is produced by Noach Shariff.