Madge – “Blueblood” (feat. Orrin) | @madge_music |

Madge’s latest single Blueblood is part-hip-hop-house-banger, part-PC-music-pop. Featuring future-forward verses from progressive Brooklyn rapper Orrin, the track is a blueprint for alternative pop in the genre-less world, and an anthem for musical and societal outsiders.

She is the power-punching, self-produced artist banishing bros and blood suckers. Finding inspiration in celtic mythology, witchcraft and contemporary spirituality. Her music shows a pop vision for the future that is singular, audacious and incontrovertibly her own.

Madge’s collaboration with Orrin is borne out of a relationship founded on Instagram and realized through “Blueblood” and a forthcoming capsule collection of clothing designed in partnership with the fashion-forward up-cycling brand, Official Rebrand.


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