Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby (Remix by Super Disco Club)

There are very few lyrics than can define an era of Australian dance music more so than Madison Avenue’s iconic “Don’t Call Me Baby”!

The iconic smash hit of the late 90’s dominated clubs and then catapulted the duo into superstardom as it gravitated across the globe and scored top pop chart positions in the UK, Europe, U.S Billboard Dance charts and New Zealand. Now it is officially 20 years old!

To celebrate Vicious is bringing you a very special 20th anniversary edition, featuring 2 massive remixes, firstly from German dance music icon MOUSSE T (who has already reported back with wicked club reactions from his DJ sets) and secondly from Madison Avenue’s own Andy Van with his brand new project SUPER DISCO CLUB!

Talk about coming full circle! Baggy jeans, chunky skate shoes and Madison Avenue are all back in a BIG WAY in the year 2019!


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