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Mako Girls go worldwide with their latest single

There’s not that many Girl groups on the music scene in today’s day and age. You seen them all have success and branch off to do individual things as artists on their own. Majority of the girl groups had hit’s   such As 3LW, the spice girls, Cleopatra, Dream, The great women of TLC, and of course we all know Destiny’s Child.

Although all of them have great things in common besides looks and excellent style. They were all successful girl groups in their own right. Each individual bringing a talent of their own to aid each other in total epic-ness. (don’t you miss girl groups) well look no further here I introduce you all to the MAKO Girls.

About The MAKO Girls

These three talented young ladies which consist of Mimi, A-Mi, and Kena but to the world they’re known as The Mako Girls. This group of talented sisters representing Atlanta are more than a girl group, they’re the ultimate teen girl group. Rapping, singing, dancing, making great grades in school; they do it all.

MAKO Girls are more than just your average girl group. These three have accomplished a lot within they’re musical journey. From performing at over 120 youth inspired events within the past two years, to winning 3 Artist Independent image awards this past June of 2018 in NYC. As well as appearing on over 13 top tier media publications such as This Is, Vh1’s Delania Dixon’s Diva Gals Daily, Stardom.101 Mag and Hip Hop Weekly.

MAKO Girls strive to break down all barriers within this music industry one song at a time. Showing you that they’re worldwide, and that they’re here to stay and be the voice for the young girls all over the world.


Check out The Mako Girls latest video Worldwide above and follow them on all social media platforms @makogirls


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