Today, Copenhagen-based rapper, Manus Bell releases his single “Legacy” – a review of the artist’s life and considerations of the defining stages of his journey to adulthood.

Friendship and love over wealth and success. This is Manus Bell’s message on his new single Legacy, which is the second release from his upcoming album, Brothers Over Business. With personal lyrics and a sensitive soundscape, Legacy evokes the love for our dearest: “Our relationships determine what life is, so I’mma focus on love instead of making it big, brothers over business at the top of my wish list, so show devotion to those you let in.” The song features upcoming rapper Jonah Wright, who earlier this year released his debut EP Diagnosed with great praise from both press and radio hosts.

Legacy is a mature proposition from Manus Bell, describing his journey to adulthood and finding out what is really important to his inner happiness. The consistent message of the album really comes to light on Legacy – to weigh brothers over business. Manus Bell goes through a realization process from a young boy to an adult, taking the listener by the hand and sharing his early memories, from the security as a child and eagerness to make his parents proud, to the curiosity and indiscretion as a young teenager, where dope, alcohol and the pursuit of fast money was a part of everyday life. Living in the present is often most fun, but can have its consequences, which Bell realizes along the way: “You cannot always do as you please in the now and at the same time achieve what you want in the long run.

For me, my relationships are the foundation of my happiness, but I often forget that in the now”, he says.

The deep synthesizer creates a serious atmosphere from the beginning of the song, which gently unfolds and builds to a grandiose arena feeling – a metaphor for Bell’s journey to the present, where life for the first time makes sense. His vocal expression creates an atmosphere that encourages us to pay attention. Bell has produced the beat with assistance from the Affiliated producer, SNDY. They have pursued a complete work where sound and lyrics, vocals and beat, go hand in hand. Jonah Wright ties the song together with a powerful, emotional delivery. 20-year-old Wright has since his debut received over 100,000 streams on Spotify and held his debut concert in February for a sold-out audience of 650 people.


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