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Manus Bell – “Legalize” (feat. Kaser) | @ManusBell |

Legalize is both the title and message of Manus Bell’s new single, which is the third release from his upcoming album, “Brothers Over Business”. The song features the rap talent Kaser, and is a call aimed at Danish politicians to legalize cannabis once and for all.

Today, it is illegal to possess, cultivate, sell and consume cannabis in Denmark, which Manus Bell believes is outdated. On Legalize, the rapper admits that he himself is a frequent user of cannabis and believes that the media draws a twisted image of the euphoric substance: “I smoke, and it makes me calm, that’s why the US military was getting high in Nam. The overdramatic press is selling post-traumatic stress and if you keep listening to them, you’re gonna become a ticking bomb.”

According to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, 53% of the Danish population advocates legalization of cannabis, while 27% disagree. However, cannabis is still illegal, which Bell believes is undemocratic. “The ban on cannabis has resulted in a large criminal market, which is currently escalating into violent gang activity. Innocent people are killed and the police still use enormous amounts of resources to catch and prosecute cannabis users who have not done anything wrong,” says Bell. According to him, research shows that the damage caused by cannabis can be compared to that caused by coffee or tea, and the rapper therefore believes that the greatest adverse effect on cannabis is the ban, “which is direct state aid for crime in Denmark”.

Bell has produced Legalize in collaboration with the Scottish producer, CAB – an aggressive, hard-hitting Boom Bap beat that immediately has arms in the air. Dusty Jazz samples, heavy bass and hard, driving drums provide the framework for this power demonstration of a song, where the delivery and flow are in the absolute top class. Bell’s recognizable voice is the essence of his sound, which he once again uses to make a political imprint. The Copenhagen underground rapper, Kaser contributes with a raw energy and tough attitude, which leaves no doubt that he stands behind every word. Where Bell’s verse describes the personal perspective of being an everyday consumer of cannabis, Kaser reports on the benefits of legalizing it – from treating a wide variety of diseases to the plant’s potential in construction as well as the textile industry where cannabis, according to Kaser, represents an environmentally friendly alternative.



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