“You’re on my Mind” a is a pure longing song, telling the story of a lonely moment MARBL once found herself lingering in. It shows when we so vividly become present in our daydreams that we leave the past behind, undress from future hopes and ignore the consequences of ones wild thoughts. Through MARBL’s daydream is it was needed to say out loud: “You’re on my mind!”. Together with video director/creator Tomer Levi, they are telling the story of an ageless lady, living in a majestic house and reminisces about her past loves. The story of where time and memories become blurry and mixed, in the hazy daydreaming environment.

MARBL releases her first single “The Mechanism Of All Temporary Things” from her new EP on 22nd of November. After three EU tours, and the release of her first single that drew international press and radio attention, MARBL spent her latest year writing and recording the second EP “The Flight of the Hawks”. The new single drawing the likes of Portishead, Massive Attach, Hoover phonic, Lana Del Rey, Lorde and more…


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