Hailing from Chesham, Marble Empire Aka Matt Berry is a new addition to the UK scene, bringing his unique sound of R&B-infused electronica. Marble Empire is set to release his third single Omega. His vision and passion as a producer/songwriter started when he was 13, when he produced his first track which has given him the skills to play all the instruments on his tracks as well as producing them. His skills are evident as his songs have complex arrangements showing the maturity of his skills.

Marbles’ unique blending of funky guitar riffs has been attracting attention from all over, earning him much deserved praise from fans and industry alike. His most recent release, TTSU is a true display of his developed sound, as is. Self-released with RareCandy Management, the track had received serious love from the likes of Spotify and their ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist and has been picked up by BBC Introducing. Marble Empire recently performed at world famous Metropolis Studios as part of their Showcase series, as well as the Hospital Clubs’ Secret sessions, with his debut DJ set at UK festival BESTIVAL 2017.

Omega is lyrically about the time in your life when you’ve transitioning through from adolescence into adulthood… sort of adulthood. The song has themes of being scared of the future and since i wrote it over 2 years ago and until releasing it now the song has become quite nostalgic for me. It has always had relevance to things happening in my life between then and now, like some of the lyrics have connotations about the future of young people which i think is a big issue at the moment. Currently I’m rearranging a new live setup for my next releases. I’m writing a mixtape with some great collaborators including Milo Gore and Katya DJ and some some amazing new artists from over the pond. – Marble Empire


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