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Bay-Area R&B/left-field pop powerhouse Marc E. Bassy wraps up summer with the announcement of his debut independent album release entitled ‘PMD’, set to be released on September 27, via his self-made, indie label, New Gold Medal. Marc celebrated the announcement by dropping a moody, new alt-R&B single “Where We’re From,” featured on Spotify’s NMF.

Marc’s catchy, new record “Where We’re From” is the third single release off his forthcoming 14-track project. The song follows the themes of his recent records, about his struggle to revitalize on old love as the singer aches to breathe new air in moments and experiences that were once alive.

‘PMD’ takes place within the world Marc sees himself living in; the age of anxiety, the generation of depression. Serving as a therapeutic expression of self-growth and self-realization, Marc was able to use the project as an escape, and ultimately, a new outlook on living.

“Tying our self-worth to things we have no control over is crazy-making; it’s a trap I’ve fallen into a lot. ‘PMD’, my album was a way for me to climb out,” Marc on the project.

After being fully integrated into the major system and signed to Republic, even before releasing his debut album ‘Gossip Columns’, Bassy made the decision to take back control and create his own destiny. His journey to self-discovery lead to the development of New Gold Medal, recently announced via Billboard, an independent label founded by Bassy and his team. With their advantage of obtaining valuable knowledge from having learned from past experiences navigating the major label system, the New Gold Medal team has a great understanding of what is needed to succeed.

“Being an artist at Republic was a great experience. My team there was incredible, they fully supported me the whole way and jump started my career as a solo artist. After a few years there, it was time to go down a new path and take ownership of the music.” 

The name New Gold Medal was coined by Marc’s partner Count Bassy and highlights the ownership he and his team exhibit in the music making process bleeding into his business, serving as the company’s mission statement.

On June 12, Bassy hit the road with Jon Bellion on an extensive 35-city North American amphitheater tour, titled The Glory Sound Prep Tour.

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