Back with visuals, MarcAndre looks to expand on the popular hit single “Lucky”. The transitions between high quality shots and bumpy home video frames mimics the uptempo bouncy instrumental paired with melodic, easy-to-sing-with vocals. It’s stays youthful and nostalgic all at the same time with clips of PAC-MAN, bowling with friends and aesthetically pleasing house shots. Watch and subscribe on YouTube!

“Lucky” streaming everywhere. Check out the new official music video out now.

MarcAndre is a 23 year old New York based R&B / Hip Hop artist who has been following his passion of music since the age of 17. During those teen years, MarcAndre had his wisdom teeth removed and the swelling forced him into seclusion. Through a love of music, he began watching YouTube videos of kids rapping which ignited a fire within him to try it himself. MarcAndre has developed his craft over the years and is ready to solidify his place within the music community. His fresh R&B sound paired with the rap element gives you a familiar yet progressive sound that will continue to move music forward in an engaging and energetic way. Find MarcAndre on all streaming platforms worldwide


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