Marc Haize Gets Homesick on “Yellowstone” | @MarcHaize |



Houston recording artist Marc Haize releases a new smooth track titled “Yellowstone” which shows his journey as an emcee on the path to greatness. He’s learning how to focus on himself and know that if he has to do it all on his own to become successful than that is what he is going to do. Being that he was a bit homesick for the holidays, he titled the track “Yellowstone” after his home even though his amazing journey as a rising emcee has placed him in Los Angeles at the moment.

This is my first Thanksgiving not being with my family so I thought what would make me feel better is sharing some new music. In case you didn’t know, Yellowstone is a street in 3rd ward Houston, Texas and I moved to the area when I was eighteen years old. It was really my “boy meets world” moment and I grew up a lot during my time on the southside so it holds a special place to me. Telling my family that I wasn’t going to be back for the holiday was tough but one day all of this hustling will be worth it.