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Marcus ChristHip Hop Headquarters sits down with Compton, California rapper Marcus Christ.

What made you decide to become a rapper?

I joined a rap group in my junior or senior year in high school called 46th Lane with some friends from our 4th and 6th period lunches (46 ln). Before that, I would rap at lunchtime as a freshman for some girls or some classmates at the lunch table. Afterl high school me, and some friends from 46th Lane would rap and freestyle every night for like 5 years. In 2004, my step dad went to jail, and that’s when I started rapping to tell people about my family situation. He claims he was innocent, and now at 34 I also have been arrested, put in jail, and forced to plead guilty for something I didnt do. Some people wanted tougher laws, but they’re failing to understand that this is not true justice, because they’re celebrating injustice.

What do you think the old school can learn from the new school and vice versa?

I think the old school can learn “to be themselves” by listening to new school. The new school artists that are selling are being original by being themselves. Sometimes, once you’ve been in the game for a while you’re not being yourself anymore. You start becoming whoever “they” want you to be. Ya know? like, “Hold this .38, drink this 40, rap about this girl, date this girl, drive this truck”. Once you start taking advice without discernment you’re just another puppet. It wasn’t all that advice that made you big, sometimes it was your hard work, dedication, and love for your craft.

The new school can learn “how to challenge” each other mentally, and perhaps spiritually or financially by watching the old school. Watch 50 Cent and other artist to learn how to make deals, watch Run DMC blend hip hop with Aerosmith rocking out, and they can listen to Pac’ s reflection on life and God, or his battle with Biggie. The old school had to pave the way, but the new school can take it to the freeway.

What’s your favorite verse in hiphop history and why?

In 2Pac’s song “Black Jesus” he says, “God told me the world in scandalous”. It’s deep to me for a few reasons. One. The people God loves are scandalous. Two. We are those scandalous people and we are fighting for the love of “our” scandalous people sometimes expecting a positive outcome (i.e. Jesus, 2Pac, JFK, MLK, and Malcom X). Three. The people may not even know they’re scandalous. .

How did you link up with your producer, Nime Five? What was the production process while working on “If I Knew”?

Well Nime Five is a producer I worked with for the sokng  “If I Knew” from the company Shadowville. I’ve been writing to Shadowville songs since 2008, but I go to other producers and produce myself as well. I’ve probably written well over 100 songs exclusively to Shadowville producers and just recently started working with DJ Exclusive for If I Die Tongiht and Lil Tray for You Knew That ans Shorty Wanna Gangsta. Most of my songs use Shadowville productions going back 10 years, and I even lost 75 songs on my flash drive in 2010. I think my dad or his friend took it.

Whenever I go to Shadowville I know I will have high-quality beats. I have a lot of producers I like at Shadowville Nime Five and 2Deep are probably my two favorites right now. I really just listen to most of their new music, and then I just pick the song I’m feeling. So when I picked Nime Five’s song it was from listening to it, and not looking at his name.

What can we expect on your forthcoming album Prince of the Universe?

 This album will be an experience. I want people to think (We Got These Issues), and experience different sets of emotions. I want laughing and joking (Stand-up and Skits), to sadness and mourning (If I Die Tonight), love songs (If I Knew, You Knew That), street songs (Imma Let You Hate, Hate On Me), pop songs (Lolo (Live Mix), I’ll Tell Her (Live Mix) Where You Going (Live Mix)) and MORE!! It’s a double-disc album so I just had fun.


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