Since releasing her transformative debut album, “Ajebutter“, West African singer/songwriter Marenikae has given us a peek inside the millennial mindset while challenging age-old beliefs and cultural norms. Her latest single “VYBZ” is no different, as she challenges any potential “Bae” to strive toward being the best version of themselves in order to be in her space, regardless of how right their “VYBZ” may feel. This feel-good groove is rooted in a blend of neo-soul & Afropop and accentuates the bold confidence of Marenikae’s vocals.

This is one of my favorite songs from the album,” Marenikae explains. “And probably the easiest to write, since it was written in about 30 minutes, although it took me a year to produce vocally and arrange. A lot lot of the songs on my album show the women taking the lead, taking ownership and even talking their smack without being vulgar. We women are defining our own terms now and I think as a young woman in entertainment it’s important for me to show my capacity as a skilled writer, producer, arranger and singer because it’s not about just settling for an insta-smash for the club at the expense of creative artistry.”

The lofty songwriter speaks metaphorically of a party to represent life’s personal and/or mental space and the protection of this sacred energy we call “VYBZ”. It’s also a call to action for a significant other, or anyone in your life, to know that they must level up to their frequency if they want to be in your space because you’re not about to give up your power. Referencing the famous song “Gongo Aso” by Nigerian artist 9ice, who she considers a strong influence, the singer chants an interpolation of the Yoruba language term and Nigerian Pidgeon to proclaim “Gongo Aso Anywhere I Dey” which translates to “amazing things will happen anywhere I am,” so be prepared to elevate.


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