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Louisville emcee Marquist completely owns a beat that sounds straight out of Kanye West’s old catalog, enter the realm of “My Season”

Marquist (aka Monsta) is an artist who excels in the use of lyricism and the art of transforming poems into songs in rhythm. He explores the unlimited potentiality of meaningful laid back beats, 808’s and volume within an audio file. Hearing his dynamic works of art is an experience for the soul. He’s a story teller in rare form.

As a young black entrepreneur, Marquist is a man on a mission to succeed. His mental is innovative and complex. He mixes more than a thousand ideas to paint vivid stories and to create emotion with his words.

The emcee’s use of music is to motivate and tell a side that sometimes go unheard. The music cohabitant in harmony, to create a reverie of unpredictable sound and transparent emotions.

Marquist brings an extensive mastery of expression, innate sense of rhythm, and an impressive approach to each track. As an abstract thinker he is an vocal illusionist whose art defies spacial limitations. His art is poetry bursting forth with relentless energetic expression.

Indeed, Marquist has developed his own inimitable style. With utmost proficiency he invites us to think of the world as an urban, magical, fluid and invigorating panorama. Through his music we experience our universe with a new expansive and compelling perspective. He feels he can only get better with time, and patience.


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