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Prolific songwriter, musician and producer Marshall Music reveals his debut single, the electronic hip hop vibes of ‘Wavey Flow’.

Marshall has written and produced for artists including Craig David, Sheila Fergusson (3 Degrees), Britney Spears and Nelly Futardo, in a career spanning over two decades. ‘Wavey Flow’ marks his debut release as an artist.

The British artist has courted major industry attention most of his life, signed to Virgin at just 12 years old. At 16, whilst still at college, Marshall began remixing for other artists, approaching record labels looking to work on material for free, driven by the fact that his music teachers at school had no industry experience – he was determined to get some of his own. With his ‘foot in the door’, Marshall, still just a teenager, was head hunted by the same management company that represented Eternal and put up in a residential studio – working with an unsigned group that would later become the Honeyz. It was here that Marshall began writing and producing other artists.

His biggest commercial achievement to date was writing and producing 8 tracks for Craig David’s seminal album ‘Slicker Than Your Average’, including the huge hit ‘What’s Your Flava’. Following this surge into international notoriety, he went on to work with the likes of Britney Spears, Jenefer Lopez, and Jojo to name a few, always working under a pseudonym: “I went into production because I didn’t want to be famous, because I saw a lot of pressure and things that wasn’t really music, which is why even as a producer maybe for the first 10 years, I never used to put my name on records, I had a pseudonym and hid behind it”.

Marshall’s love for the stage and spotlight was reignighted by watching K-ci and Jojo perform live, and fully realised when Marshall was asked to go on tour with Craig David. It was David, credits Marshall, who was ‘instrumental’ to him making his own records. “We were on stage and he said “Marsh, when are you gonna release your own music man? If you don’t do it you’re gonna regret it…when you perform, people go crazy. You’ve got to stop hiding now.”’ It was after that conversation 2 years ago that Marshall went on to write his debut single ‘Wavey Flow’

Marshall says ‘‘it’s taken me years to get back to where I was when I was ten years old.’ When he was writing for the fun of it. ‘Because you learn so many things from the industry I have now had to unlearn to express myself.’ Now, Marshall’s happy to say he has arrived at that place where ‘the expression is authentic’ – it’s this authenticity within his music that Marshall now strives for. ‘It’s about being true to myself with everything. And it’s taken me this long to actually remember what that means.’

‘Wavey Flow’ is the first in a series of singles set to be released as part of Marshall’s debut EP, ‘0022’. He plans to perform live as a solo artist for the very first time in 2020.

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