Martin – “Black Miyazaki” | @aymartinmusic |


Martin, the charismatic rapper from Altadena, CA, releases upbeat, Studio Ghibli-inspired banger, “Black Miyazaki”. The 20 year old artist attacks a driving, bass-heavy beat with intense flows, sharp delivery, and aptly-timed references to Studio Ghibli classics like Spirited Away and Ponyo. Martin ties these elements together with a suave hook comparing his mastery of rap performance to the legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki’s mastery of 2D filmmaking. It’s an energetic listen featuring clever bars, wrapped in the refreshing veneer of an unconventional theme for a hip-hop single.


The track, produced by Los Angeles-based producer and frequent Martin collaborator, SpydaWebs, features glitchy synth patterns, blaring trumpets, and a syrupy string section among other instrumental elements. The beat’s combination of electronic and traditionally acoustic components provides the perfect backdrop for the unique marriage between the sounds of modern hip-hop and the elegant flair of Miyazaki’s productions. On YouTube, an original animated visualizer featuring Cloud, Martin’s mouse sidekick and the main character in his alternative hip-hop universe and brief cameos from some of Studio Ghibli’s most beloved characters accompany the song.



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