Martin Gets Radioactive On New Single “Drip Drop”


Martin, the charismatic rapper from Altadena, CA, releases radioactive, high-octane banger, “Drip Drop”. The 21 year old artist delivers witty punchlines and aggressive pop culture references over a hard-knocking drum beat interwoven with dismal piano chords and acidic synth elements. An impassioned, shouting hook ties the song together, providing a nuclear-hot, explosive contrast to the more focused, cerebral tone of the verses. Through this hook, which drives the quirky yet vibrant energy of the song, Martin compares his gradual infiltration of the hip-hop mainstream to the continuous “Drip Drop” of Acid Rain and Nuclear Fallout that has left parts of the world uninhabitable. Overall, “Drip Drop” is an engaging listen featuring dynamic instrumentation, intense yet playful bars, and a catchy shout chorus that will have it playing on repeat. Check out “Drip Drop” wherever music is available!


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