Martin, the kinky, charismatic rapper from Altadena, CA, releases whimsical, G-Funk inspired banger, “Thicc”. This hilarious track and kink anthem takes you along for the hot, spicy journey of a younger Martin chasing after the girl who first introduced him the world of fetish, kink, and BDSM. With witty lines and a catchy hook that belts “Crazy how that ass be; she was thicc!” this track is sure to leave you craving more! The bass-heavy instrumental, produced by Los Angeles producer SpydaWebs, features a powerful kick drum pattern with bright pianos and G-Funk inspired synthesizers during the hook to complement the catchy melody.

Further expanding upon Martin’s alternative hip-hop universe, the visualizer for “Thicc” is a Live-Action/2D Animation Hybrid video including some of Martin’s original animated characters like Cloud, a male mouse reflecting Martin’s personality and experiences, Fiona, a female mouse, and Luna, a much, much spicier female mouse. While the track is a story straight from Martin’s personal experience, the lyrics and visualizer reflect the lives and antics of the characters in Martin’s hip-hop universe as well, both introducing and complicating the relationships between them.

“Thicc” is the seventh episode of Martin’s alternative hip-hop universe. Each new single comes with a visualizer illuminating the themes/topics of each song, using AR-inspired 2D animation elements to blend Martin’s cast of characters into live-action reality. Scheduled to occur every other Wednesday, Martin’s releases are episodic, following the narrative of his unique ensemble of animated characters and his entrance into the alternative hip-hop sphere.