Experience Mastad0n’s Debut Album, The Sinisterly Beautiful “FILTH” | @mastaonthemic |

With his first official project FILTH, Mississippi’s artful dodger, Mastad0n, makes a very bold statement –

From the start, you can see that MastadOn has no problem mixing sounds on FILTH to create exotic soundscapes. He literally orchestrates an entirely different sound on some songs. The bulk of instrumentals was entirely done by MastadOn with minimal co-production. The album also features appearances by Vitamin Cea, NeoSoooul, Rosser and more.

Come With Me, Ugly Truth and Black Out are very powerful records that definitely show his strong points and beat creations. He tethers the edge of creativity, with songs changing up midway thru and combining genres one would not expect. If he continues in this manner, the Jackson-based emcee / producer has a lively music career ahead of him. Stream the experimental sounds of FILTH below.



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