MaWayy – Blame (LIZOT Remix) | @MaWayyOfficial |


Although electronic duo MaWayy have never actually met in person, they’ve been bonded by their collective musical vision since 2015. Tune into their latest audio effort, their “Blame (LIZOT Remix).

When the two producers began their creative project, they not only brought their individual expertise to the table, but also their individual styles and cultures from opposite sides of the world. Brian Wayy and Masoud Fuladi are the two components which make up this EDM powerhouse and they both possess an enviable set of skills.

Wayy, the accomplished Emmy Award winning producer, songwriter and remixer has worked on a number of projects with some incredibly influential artists. With credits on records from Paula Abdul, Stevie B., Rod Stewart, Wilson Phillips, Diana Ross and more, this sought after musician has most certainly grasped the right people’s attention.

Like his creative counterpart, talented producer Fuladi has been impressing multiple high profile DJ’s and artists, most notably with Jaren and Josie’s hit, ‘Leave It Behind’. With recognition from Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, and Ferry Corsten, he has been expanding his opportunities tenfold.

MaWayy was formed through a masterful collaboration of faith, creativity and passion, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Ready to be a household name in both clubs and festivals, the electronic duo are gearing up to take on the world.


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