Mayze drops the infectious single, “Two Cups” | @MayzeTweets |


Two Cups

Canadian artist Mayze encapsulates the Toronto nightlife scene with the intoxicating sounds of “Two Cups”, as found on his new EP, “Afterparty”

Mayze is a multi-talented Hip-Hop artist, R&B singer/songwriter and producer from Toronto. Inspired by the diversity of the city around him, the 20-year-old artist has cultivated his signature sound that blends punchy hip-hop and the soft smooth melodies of R&B. Since childhood, Mayze has been passionate about music. He took it upon himself to learn how to produce, mix and record his own material and fully express his artistic vision. In addition to his creative expertise, Mayze is also a visionary in business, branding, and marketing.

He recently debuted his “Afterparty” EP, a collection of six songs chock full of wavy 6 music for your earlobes. Each song embodies the nightlife scene of Toronto while showcasing Mayze’s multiple talents. One of the EP’s standout songs, “Two Cups”, perfectly sums up the wild nights of getting poured up and turning up. He meshes in a touch of trap fusion with his signature, sing-songy fashion sure to catch your ear. Listen to “Two Cups” along with the other selections now via his Soundcloud page.