Meek Mill is a voice for the streets, for the hood, and the inner city. When you think of Meek Mill you think about a Philly Dream-chaser. A young black individual from the struggle speaking for those who don’t have a voice for themselves. Meek is currently facing 2- 4 years for felony charges being held against him.


Keeping the faith alive; while Meek Mill is currently incarcerated serving time for a crime that he shouldn’t be doing much time for. His camp MMG released his video for “1942 flows”. The creative video shows meek walking out the court office talking to reporters about his charges, mistakes, and what he plans to do next. Then it goes into the song/video showing Meek back at it sharing his pain and expressing his trials by his storytelling flow. Check out the video above.

“I just wanted to give people a real perspective of my life, what we call wins and what we call losses. I lost my case, we lost Lil Snupe, Chino lost his brother. Where we come from, that’s a loss. When you talk L’s and W’s, you get an L, that mean you got life in jail. It’s critical, it ain’t what they talking about, so I wanted to give my perspective on it, let people know what I’ve been through.”

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