The MEM – “Episong I: Revolving Doors” (single)


Cross-continental duo The MEM proudly present “Revolving Doors”, the first of many musical workings the pair have dubbed as episongs –

The MEM is a cross-continental music collective founded by emcee/poet Maurice “Bar Codez” Jackson of Richmond, VA and singer/composer Margaux LeSourd of Seattle, WA. Their shared passion for science, metaphysics, conspiracy theory, and vivid storytelling wraps around converging musical influences – primarily Hip Hop, Soul, Gospel, Jazz, and Rock – to produce audio vignettes in a series of ‘episongs’. Here is the first installment of the series, “Revolving Doors”. Summed up, it’s a love letter honoring the endless transformations revolving around relationships, scored by how we choose to resolve our differences.