MeRCY Releases His Most Anticipated Album “Swamp Thing” | @MusicByMercy | Broward County emcee MeRCY delivers his highly anticipated album “Swamp Thing” which over the past year he has been enticing his fans with a few leaks off the project to prepare them for the muddy waters. Today he holds nothing back and shocks the universe with the full compilation and does not disappoint at all. TripleHQ marks a few small reviews over a few tracks off the project and the rest is for your non spoiler alert eyes to see for yourself. Make Cents – One day it’ll all ‘make cents’ so they say or if money talks. Money making MeRC’ channels his hustler’s ambition over a Solidified-Produced banger. Swamp Thing Cometh– On the musical side, Solidified provides the perfect mood for this record. Thus, the producer perfectly maintains the high performance he did on the first few records. The sound is dark and grimey like the hot nights of the marshland from Florida state. Alligator Slippers: This hot single is sure to ride a one way street to getting stuck in your head. “Alligator Slippers,” produced by Baltimore native Tek.Lun offers heavy-handed base tones with pounding beats that will have you nodding along. The song addresses challenges faced by his own community, being free spirited as well as pointing towards the ability to rise and have fun from the most desperate times. The southern fried Broward County emcee brings a unique vibe, flow and cadence to the track modulated with a proper arrangement by Tek.Lun to confirm his ingenuity in the hip hop music landscape. Bermuda Triangle: For the heavy knocking, most sinister record “Bermuda Triangle” MeRCY tags in iLLustrious cohort Bishop, and the result is chaotically a match made in heaven. Clicking like a pair of blood stained timbs in dance class, these two do more than offer the best of both worlds, they cook up a certified, stone cold banger that fits the album as a perfect centerpiece. You can try your hardest, but this cut demands more than a few playbacks. The menacing production comes from Solidified, providing the perfect backdrop for the perfect storm. MeRCY definitely took his time as an artist to release a full scale and optimized project and it shows throughout the years how much he has grown as an emcee. He is definitely a gem in the unsigned realm proving perfection comes from within. “Swamp Thing” is a phenomenal album that artists and our readers should take time to recognize dopeness.


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