MeRCY – “Morir Soñando” | @MusicByMercy @Solidified_ |

MeRCY returns with a new single “Morir Soñando” as he travels overseas showing love to the local popular drink of the Dominican Republic. Produced by Solidified, the track shows both him and MeRCY’s dexterity and continues on the sounds established with “Morir Soñando”. With a smooth delivery and catchy melody, this record that blends multiple genres and styles definitely delivers a feel good vibe. Just exactly what we need as we enter another cold front in April. So sit back, relax, close your eyes,and imagine being on an island as you check out his latest track.

Morir soñando (die dreaming) is a popular beverage of the Dominican Republic which has made its way to other Caribbean and Latin American countries, usually made of orange juice, milk, cane sugar, and chopped ice. Sometimes vanilla extract is also added, or evaporated milk is used instead of regular milk. The recipe varies greatly depending on the region and family heritage. American observers have described the drink as resembling an orange Creamsicle, or the eponymous drink of Orange Julius.