Minimal Miggy – “LaLaLa” Feat. Nocturnal Savages



LaLaLa feat. Nocturnal Savages is a track featured on Minimal Miggy’s subsequent EP ‘iNYC.’ It is an impressive, spontaneous collaboration that was spawned in New York City. The EP reveals what took place one night at the infamous Quad Studios in Times Square.

New York local MC’s Henny Mack and Kaotic Rawkus together form the alias Nocturnal Savages. They met Minimal Miggy and Sydney local artist Y1 at a Hip Hop event in Manhattans’ lower east-side one night in November 2017. The session took place the next day and the result is the 15 minutes of fiery, boom-bap goodness that makes up the ‘iNYC’ EP.

The EP represents what making art in the moment is. In the heart of where jazz is still very much alive, one can truly see how the history and craft of improvisation permeates Hip Hop culture.