Mir Fontane Releases “Camden” Mixtape | @MirFontane |


Mir Fontane has recently dropped a brand new mixtape entitled “Camden” after his hometown in New Jersey. While he’s a relatively new artist, he’s been generating a lot of buzz and has even gotten a co-sign from Sway.

The 12-track mixtape originally appeared on Mass Appeal  with the outlet pointing out Fontane’s efforts to tell disturbing, yet cohesive stories about his
hometown of Camden, NJ, stating, “True stories like this punctuate the tape,
although they’re anonymized and blended together to keep them relatable and also
so nobody could be implicated. It’s not glorification, it’s just fact.” Throughout Camden, Mir brilliantly stays on the topic of uncertainty and disappointment as he shifts his focus from his poverty stricken hometown to his failing relationship with tracks like, “This Life” and his viral hit, “Frank Ocean.” Camden highlights Mir Fontane’s effortless narration and versatile sound. Mir shows his ability to channel the darkness of Tupac on “Cold,” yet the graphic
designer is also au courant with the state of hip-hop with haunting records like “Still In the Hood.”
After listening to Camden, it is impossible to ignore Mir Fontane’s potential as
one of hip-hop’s most important storytellers of the new generation. Stream the mixtape below: