Miss 4tune comes from a punk rock background and entered the Hip Hop scene quite randomly while living in a car for 9 months in New Zealand, when she got a push from an already established rapper and “battle-rapper” from the UK after she had years of time away from music. Her first release “Live Free Die Well”,r eleased in 2018, was selected as one of the finalists in the Swedish Radio’s music competition “P4 Nästa”.

Miss 4tune attaches great importance to her lyrics, which could go under “storytelling”, and she hopes to spread messages that can inspire and motivate other people as much as people have inspired and motivated her.

“No más silencio!” was written to highlight the complexity of international adoption and human trafficking that sadly comes along with that more often than not. Being adopted myself, getting news like this was surreal, and very hard to even know how to begin to process something like this, so music became my outlet. I now hope to spread awareness about this thru music.


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