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Miss Fluid

Flowing as free and transparent as a stream of water has worked in Miss Fluid’s favor for the past year and a half. A native of St. Louis, MO, the rising poet and artist began to establish herself in 2018 after the release of her debut album “Fluid Master”.

Since then Miss Fluid has been working nonstop to build her brand and fanbase; delivering a string of edgy, powerful visuals that keep listeners waiting to see what the creative will release next.

Her most recent visual “Fluidization“, a single from her upcoming EP “Miss Fluid”, transports viewers in her own personal laboratory as Miss Fluid brings her personal fluidity and evolution to the big screen. We sat down with Miss Fluid and got some insight into her personal growth, her upcoming project and how she remains fluid in everything she does.

Triple HQ: What’s the meaning behind the name Miss Fluid

I chose the name Fluid because of how well rounded and versatile I am as a person and an artist. I am able to appeal to many different crowds and types of people, all while authentically remaining myself. I can do classy poetry events while mixing my signing and poetry. I can do Hip Hop and R&B shows, rap shows and shows for minors because most of my music does not contain any vulgar language. I am Fluid because I adapt and flow with life while making my presence known. I added Miss to the beginning because it sounds classy.

Triple HQ: Your biography mentions you’re a member of the US Navy. How did being in the Navy influence your music, if it did at all? Did you ever consider quitting music and not pursuing music?

Being in the Navy completely changed my views of the world. I was about to travel to six countries and live in three different states. I learned so much about myself! I believe it shaped my music because it shaped me. It gave me a resilience that many people don’t have because I was challenged in so many different ways, mentally, physically, and socially. I was the first and only African-American female to work as an In-Flight Technician (AWV) on the P-3 Orion. I only met four other females with the job in my four years of serving. Needless to say, it was very challenging. The fact that I made it through shows that I was made for this. Poetry was my outlet so I would find different open mics anywhere I went and performed. It took me a while to gain the confidence to pursue music, but after I performed my first song, I knew I would always pursue music. I love it too much! Plus I am a writer and regardless of anything I will always write. Being able to perform and bring my visions to life with my visuals are the icing on the cake! And the icing is the best part!

Triple HQ: Tell us about your new video “Fluidization”! What was it like developing that concept and where did the idea for the video come from?

Miss Fluid

“Fluidization” has been my dream for over a year now! I used to be a spinning class instructor and “Fergalicious” was one of my favorite songs to spin to. It started with just the name “Fluidization”. I wrote the first verse to the “Fergalicious” instrumental but since it was a remake of JJ Fad’s “Supersonic”, I knew that I needed someone to remake the beat for me. I tried three different producers and when I finally contacted Miistro Freeyo and he sent me the beat back I knew it was the one! While I write I envision the video. Since “Fluidization” is a scientific term, I knew I wanted to make that scene look like a science lab and of course I needed a workout scene since that was a part of the lyrics as well. I am still a yoga instructor so I wanted to make sure I incorporated yoga. I’m also a low key nerd so I knew I wanted to do some Thai Chi movements making it look as if I was commanding water during the breakdown. I had Brian from Logic Martial Arts show me some moves for that scene and also used his multimedia space to host the party scene. It was both stressful but liberating to be able to plan and execute this video. My videographer, Loutribe Jigg, did an amazing job on this video and exceeded my expectations. I’m just so grateful to have people around me who believe in me and help me to accomplish my dreams.

Triple HQ: How would you say you’ve evolved as an artist since the release of your first project “Fluid Master”?

I’ve evolved so much! I was still very timid while completing “Fluid Master” but it was my way of introducing myself to the world and figuring out where I belong in the music world. I was able to be vulnerable in my first project which set me up to be unapologetically me in my new project entitled “Miss Fluid” releasing March 27, 2020. Now I am comfortable showing my sexy, my savage, my cool and it feels amazing! My comfortability on stage is liberating. I’ve learned how to keep the crowd engaged and adapt during distractions and also how to bounce back after messing up on stage. Now I know what I like to see from my engineer and how to put my special flavor in the mix. I am definitely still growing and evolving, but I am very happy with how much I have grown within this year.

Triple HQ: What can listeners expect from your upcoming project?

This next project, “Miss Fluid”, brings a mixture of poetry, singing, and rap along with a mixture of genres. It takes you on a journey. It starts with smooth, sexy poetry and then moves into a very sexy, baby-making song with Kelvin Sax on the saxophone. It then goes to “Fluidization” which is very pop mixed with Hip Hop and other genres. I have a song about relationships and also an anthem for us classy and smart, holistically hood females who also believe in having fun and loving themselves and everybody. I believe “Hood Classy” will resonate with a lot of women around the U.S., especially the women I know here in Saint Louis.

Miss Fluid

Triple HQ: What inspires you?

The universe. I write based on personal experiences but also from what I see other people going through. I’ve always been able to empathize with people and people inspire me. I’m also a flower child so I get out in nature whenever I can and allow the sounds of nature to clear my mind for creativity. Water is a very big part of my life as well. I find that while I’m washing dishes or taking a shower, songs will just come to me. Sometimes I’ll write while getting my feet done at the nail salon. I remember I was having trouble trying to freestyle and this woman that I had never met before told me that I needed to focus on breathing and when I want to clear that blockage, to put water on the ground and step in it. I was thinking, “This is crazy, but I’ll try it.” And I did and surprisingly it worked. Words started to just flow through me. It was amazing!

Triple HQ: What else can we look forward to seeing in 2020 from Miss Fluid?

My new EP is releasing March 27. I will be having shows on March 27 and also in the following weeks so that people will have the opportunity to come to see me. I’ll be also be releasing a full visual album later on in the year and hosting watch parties for that. This is going to be a great year so I encourage everyone to follow me and come out to see me! I will be providing good vibes all year and into the next! I also have some new collaborations coming soon so I am very excited to share everything I have been working on!


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