MissGenius – “I Don’t Wanna Be”

MissGenius is a West Australian Noongar and Maduwongga woman as well as a deadly hip hop MC, and is set to release her newest single ‘I Don’t Wanna Be’ on Friday November 22nd.

Featuring MissGenius’ signature deft flow, sharp lyrical danger and meticulous beat selection, ‘I Don’t Wanna Be’ addresses the internal turmoil many feel around normative societal expectations.

MissGenius speaks about the message behind “I Don’t Wanna Be”:

This single examines impressions of celebrities and how people always want to look like the rich and famous, but, at the same time we don’t want our humble ways to fade. We do not want the careless views of someone who can buy their way through life. Bodies can be changed, looks can be bought, troubles can be resolved with bribes, and eventually money and the obsession with being perfect can change a person absolutely.

We all must see our beauty sits in our souls, and ask ourselves: do we really want to become what we may or may not unknowingly despise?

Recorded by West Australian producers Matt Gio and Dan Carroll at RADA Studios, the open rhythm, bass and drums allow for MissGenius’ voice take centre.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Sampa The Great and Perth local R&B artist Jamilla, MissGenius is adding her voice to those expressing body positive images and owning your own power.


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