Moon Cactus Releases “Spicy Water”

Written by Moon Cactus, recorded by Travis Geiman at Bigfoot Studios in Waterville, OH. All tracks performed by Connor Mancini except drums. Drums performed by JP Stebal IV.

Though it may be biased toward a particular brand, Moon Cactus’ latest single “Spicy Water” is an ode to seltzer of all types. There’s nothing quite like the cold refreshing kiss of a can of seltzer. The bass and vocal pairing in “Spicy Water” proves to be as addicting as the tingly, fresh sensation of carbonation on your tongue mixed with the subtle taste of various fruit flavors. Listen and crack open your favorite flavor of seltzer because Moon Cactus is back with more of his signature melodies and charm. For the first time ever the Cleveland based multi-instrumentalist and trumpeter is joined by JP Stebal IV on drums for a new and improved sound.

Ohio trumpet player and multi-instrumentalist Moon Cactus is a definite must see act. Blending genres seamlessly into pop friendly hits & interesting left field covers, Moon Cactus is energetic, dance-able, and when on the horn, virtuosic. Catch a show and be amazed by the looping and musicianship, while you stay for the undeniably catchy vibes.

Moon Cactus’ trumpet playing can also be heard on The Flats’ single “Afterglow” from their LP Nobody People in addition to Diamonds by Mat Kerekes, and upcoming songs from Boo Lee Crosser, The Lonely Friends, and Brids in The Boneyard.

Performance photos by Abbey Recker


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