Moon Releases Visual For “Grief” l @ihatemoon


Moon Grieves in New Visual “Grief”

Move over Mumble rap because real music is back and it’s coming to stay. At least that’s what it seems. “The Voice of Jerz” Hip Hop Artist Moon is back with another visual. Last time we saw Moon, he was wishing upon a star. Now, this hungry artist is grieving over the stars he misses as well as the young ones who unfortunately passed due to street violence.

There are people who talk about street life and there are people who talk about the life they lived in the streets. Here, Moon displays his starvation and truth on this record ‘Grief’. Life is an inspiration to some while make-believe is to others.  His pain he shares through his music is only one of the vessels in the streets with a voice that can be heard.

Artists these days rarely talk about their life and willing to expose so much of oneself to the world. It’s second nature to Moon for he feels the world already knows him From His 106 and park days. We all go through pain but very few of us speak on it.  Listen to his pain as the voice of Jerz they call Moon shares his world with you once again.

Take a peep inside Moon’s soul and watch the video above also don’t forget to follow him on all social media @ihatemoon instagram & Twitter Snapchat “isitmoon” Facebook “ Moon Tvonj” as well as check out his music on all media streaming platforms.



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