Moonbrew – “So Much Romance”

“Romance…so much romance. Can you dig it?” This track is inspired by the personal relationship everyone has with romance, someone love it, someone hate it and someone doesn’t care so much. There’s no right or wrong, it’s only our personal point of view and it can changes during life. The track is an hip hop instrumental with boom bap style drums, vinyl scratch and jazzy elements like the piano.

Moonbrew is a producer and beat maker from Italy. He’s part of the nu jazz duo Yihequan which has released 2 Ep entitled Sciamano and Shaping Perspectives.

Jazz Hop is Moonbrew first release, it’s a perfect mix of jazzy sounds, hip hop beats and vinyl scratches.

Moonbrew is currently working on his first solo Ep. New singles Bushido and Bumpin’ out now!


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