MOTIM or (Mxth Or The Iron Monarch), took a spiritual journey to Japan & explored the different personalities gifted within himself. Hence the name. In the search to understand who’s behind what name, Ghxst was created on a whim both lyrically & visually. Ghxst is meant to represent these numerous personalities while providing a breath of fresh air to the culture. With the self proclaimed title ANIME RAPPER, MOTIM looks to be a fresh face in the genre and will continue to have longevity with well produced projects.

MOTIM, Myth Or The Iron Monarch, is a rapper from both Milwaukee, WI and Tokyo, Japan. Taking on a split personality, he uses two different styles going back and forth between light storytelling to dark and druggy. Myth is the story teller. Most the stories are based on true experiences that happened while living in Japan for the three years he was there. A lot of it is self reflection. Upon leaving Japan, the dark side called Monarch, broke out and created the drugged out dark side of MOTIM’s persona. Monarch is portrayed with a deep voice in the background, signifying the demons in MOTIM’s mind. This song is exactly who, what, and why MOTIM was created and how he became the artist he is today.


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