Mozado – “Hellacopters” (single) | @mozadomusic

Tyler Campbell aka Mozado is stepping from behind the boards with his new single, “Hellacopters”. The Boston, Massachusetts based producer is set to deliver vocals on his upcoming EP dropping around the new year. Up to this point, Mozado has worked solely behind the boards with other Boston-area artists such as Danny Diamonds and Kyle Bent. Now he is ready to step up to the mic and show us what he got.

Mozado is a trained musician who has played jazz and classical saxophone for the past twelve years. In addition to his years of musical experience, he is also a graduate of the Mary Pappert School of Music at Duquesne University. His love for music is reflected in his art. Mozado’s music has a way of blending different genre’s in a very fun and creative way.

“Hellacopters” is a perfect debut to showcase his talents as a singer/songwriter and producer. The track is an anthem about future success and honestly gives me the same type of feeling I had the first time I heard, “Good Life” by Kanye West and T-Pain. The track has a futuristic, R&B vibe while managing to capture the same fun and lightheartedness of early Hip-Hop. Boastful yet not in a demeaning way with a catchy chorus that I could picture people of all ages and backgrounds singing along to. I’ve been humming it all day lol

“Hellacopters” is a fun single that people can vibe to and judging by his earlier production he definitely has a definitive sound. I look forward to hearing this EP when it drops over the new few months as well as seeing where Mozado’s career trajectory goes. As far as talent he definitely has that locked down. Now let’s see if it all comes together.

“Wait, so Mozado made this?”


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