MR. SMIIRK – SLIIK | @mrsmiirk |


MR. SMIIRK delivers the video for “SLIICK”, a party song that showcases his versatility while rapping in both English and Spanish

MR. SMIIRK has integrated his experience from behind the turntables to behind the mic, and garners inspiration from influential artists including, Tupac, 6ix9ine, Eminem, and Biggie. His charismatic rhythmic techniques and dynamic lyrical structures resonate with a signature sound that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving his audience a taste of something fresh, yet still identifiable.

These days, he knows how to enjoy life, using his craft to be a voice for hip-hop, continuing its movement with his community and fanbase, and living the life of an artist on the rise. He has come a long way since his beginnings and is driven to maintain originality and to keep shooting for greatness. Judging by his success so far, MR. SMIIRK is well on his way to the top. Hip-hop fans will soon be used to hearing his name.



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