MrE TripleHQ Exclusive Interview | @darkness_cometh |


 Hip Hop Headquarters sits down with Bronx, New York emcee MrE

Do you feel that having Nigerian roots gives your music an extra dimension? In what way?

I dare to say having Nigerian roots gives my music an extra dimension to the ears of other Nigerians than everyone else. To everyone else, I’m another aspiring hip hop artist. To other Nigerians, I’m another aspiring hip hop artist succeeding Wale and Jidenna, with the potential to keep the much desired spotlight on Nigeria through music. So they hear the music like the rest of the world yet their imaginations may run a lot wilder. They may envision more of their very own on the airwaves, the small screen, big screen, etc. They may feel more uplifted, proud and inspired.

What advice do you have for upcoming rappers?

“Keep On”…had to do it, sorry. Seriously, though, if you can keep rapping and putting out music whether you get paid or not then you have the advantage over those who wouldn’t. Also, never think you got it all figured. I’m always going to be a student of the business even if I’m a millionaire.

Do you freestyle and battle rap? What’s your opinion on them?

I freestyle and battle myself each time I rap. I’m constantly at war with myself and always attempt to outdo my previous work. I’m a lyricist and a songwriter more than anything. Freestyling and battle rapping aren’t just entertaining based on the emcee but also are both equally effective as songwriting. Neither should be looked down upon. You can have a rapper who just freestyles, one who just battle raps, one who just writes songs. A rapper doesn’t have to be capable of all. Their lyrics just have to be hot to be relevant.

What do you think it was about DMX that you connected to so heavily in your formative years?

The fact that he rhymed without boundaries, rhymed with emotion and rhymed is if he was holding very serious conversations with the listener. He never rapped mechanically. It was all natural.

What would be your dream team collaboration and why?

A DJ Khalid project. I just picture such a collaboration being bonkers, straight bananas.