Mrs. Black Dyamond | Triple HQ Exclusive Interview | @mrsblackdyamond

Mrs. Black DyamondSimmering with spice and a little bit of everything naughty and nice, Compton female emcee and battle rapper Mrs. Black Dyamond caught national attention after her skills were tapped to battle against Dizaster during Drake’s birthday bash in 2016. Still fuming from her No Filterz mixtape and the visual for her new single Cocky, Mrs. Black Dyamond strolls into the new years with ease, ready and willing to snatch all blessing coming her way.
What initially influenced you to get involved in the battle rap scene? 
I use to be a huge fan of battle rap before I ever thought I’d participate in it. I got a call from a good friend of mine (One of the top battle rappers in Los Angeles) Daylyt, and he said that “Queen of the Ring“, which is the top female battle rap league in the world, was bringing its platform to the Westcoast. I had to represent for the Westcoast; I knew I had to do it at that point and it was a challenge. I had to challenge myself. That is what influenced me to battle rap.
Is there a line between you as a battle rapper and you as an independent artist? If so, where do you find the balance if any? 
Yes, there is. What people believe is that battle rappers cannot be successful artists and vice versa. That is why I make it a point to draw the line. I am an artist first before a battle rapper. With battle rap, you have to go bar for bar, meaning come up with the most intriguing punchlines, metaphors, double entendres and innuendos on the contrary with music its no such thing as too lyrical, or not lyrical enough. There’s no one format to the way music is created. With music, I can deliver anyway that I want while with battle rap, there is a strategy. Most battle rappers get stuck in that box. That is what I fear the most so I make sure I keep the line clear. As far as balance goes, I take one or two battles a year, if the battle’s make sense to my battle rap career strategy. The rest of the time I focus on being an independent artist.
How would you say that your hometown has influenced your music?
I’m from Compton, California where gangsta rap originated. The Westcoast reigned alone at one point in time and the spotlight was on us with groups like N.W.A. and Westside Connection. I am from a different era but my hometown influenced me to be true to where I am from which is the Westcoast. I have fully embraced the culture but I do know that my artistry and style of music is not defined by the Westcoast alone.
Where did the mixtape title No Filterz come from? Do you feel like restricting or Mrs. Black Dyamondplacing filters on yourself is something you have to deal with a lot in the industry?
I came up with the title No Filterz because I wanted people to understand that when you listen to this mixtape or just the song titles alone, it was going to be unapologetically raw and uncut. I use to feel restricted because certain topics or concepts were kind of taboo for women to talk about. There is a song from No Filterz called F N on U. It’s about being sexual with a guy but mentally thinking about another man. Men do it all the time, women do as well but we never speak about out. I was reluctant to putting this song out but after conversing with my best friend and her telling me that she does it all the time confirmed that someone can relate to this. And, for me, that is what my music is all about. I do feel as though restrictions is something I have to deal with because as an artist you do not want to come off as too much of anything. Too raw, too sexual, too anything. The goal is to be considered for all events.
Your latest release Cocky is a big boom, feel-good track. What was the inspiration behind the bars? 
My inspiration behind Cocky was to address the assumption. They assume what I’m like instead of getting to know me. I honestly am a sweetheart. They say I’m Cocky, so why not make a song addressing it.
What was your most memorable moment as a battle rapper?
When Dizaster had my whole Krack City Battle rap squad looking for me. If Dizaster, who is the Top battle rapper on the Westcoast, is looking for you, it’s major. I finally spoke to him and he said “I really need you M.B.D.” I’m like oh lord. He then said that he had a big opportunity for both him and I which was putting on a surprise battle for Drake at his birthday bash. Seeing the video of me vs Dizaster on French Montana‘s Snapchat was unreal to me and watching Drake smile from amusement. That was the most memorable moment for me.
As an artist, what is your ultimate goal?
To be one of the top female rappers of all time. To go platinum. To sell millions, to influence a nation. And last but not least philanthropy.
What can listeners expect next from Mrs. Black Dyamond?
The highly anticipated album “Queen Of Compton”, more features, reality shows, film and T.V.