3 Ways Music Artists Can Make Money Online

Money is a lot of our first obstacles in any industry. Artists are always hearing “Do you have a budget?” or “Expenses, expenses, expenses…” The harsh reality for us all… There is no escaping it. Especially, if you are looking to pursue a career in the music industry.

¬†We aren’t talking the obvious Merchandise and Album Sales… How-to get to that level? That’s what we are here for. The problem we are solving here is “creating a budget“. How do artists keep coming up with these budgets you ask? Here are 3 Ways Music Artists Make Money, coming from an independent business owners perspective. Creating capital to get far enough to secure supply and demand is usually the first, and most difficult task. Once conquering this obstacle you may just find out a thing or two about yourself. Let’s jump right in and get to the point, shall we…

Services or Products

Are you a music artist that also has a knack for creative writing? You may want to write up an e-book that you can publish. Posting blogs might be a beneficial move. Blogs and freelance writing should go hand and hand, in this modern world. Keep in mind that there is a HUGE difference between freelance writing and blogging. With that said the more you do as a freelance writer, the more experience you will acquire for your own future happenings. You might be an artist/engineer, mixing and mastering your vocals. This is a huge market that also will help you network with other artists. This service is actually common for many known signed artists. Even Kanye West sold beats and dominated the music producer market before becoming the recording artist we have grown to love (or hate) today. Other artists are taking the graphic design route, while creating their own work as well. Is Photoshop your forte? If you don’t have any of these things ready to go but you are a natural born hustler? Look up AFFILIATE MARKETING for commission. If that works out you may want to look into the next suggestion as an upgrade…

Brand Ambassador

This could be content marketing or becoming a model, so you cannot be camera shy. If you know who Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian are, you have most likely seen them posing or tagging TheKidsSupply.com post on Instagram. (Click here to see the post) Possibly tagging a beauty or make-up line. This only works if you have a manager or some skills writing and signing contracts. You will also need a strong social media following, plus a good email marketing funnel for follow ups. If you are not exactly the most popular emerging artist, there is still hope if you have a way with words. Not only products… but radio shows, clothing lines need brand ambassadors. A high quality camera and proper lighting will be needed to keep the photos and marketing videos relevant. Running ads usually kicks these moves into high gear. The most vital advice you can get is to always show interest in what you can learn to do for yourself as long as the outcome doesn’t appear amateur.

Show Host or Radio Personality (Radio or even Live Podcasts)

There has been a number of artists that have found their calling in the entertainment either before, during or after the peak in their music career. Mediocre promoters that happen to make a hilarious and successful podcasts, or music producers that review songs with a live audience. That is right, a lot of unsigned artists have been discovered from their hosting capabilities or disc jockey skills. Both of these titles require interviewing artists and multiple different organization skills that will help sharpen your independent business owner skills. If you have a team of professionals that know how to handle their own responsibilities an internet radio station with mobile apps and a website, plus social media management could be attainable. The major goal for most corporations is to own the media. A major fix to this situation is action in the step toward independent networks that will ensure the culture has a solid future. It is easy to register and collect royalties if distribution and publishing are filed correctly. A lot of time and a lot of energy is needed when developing an entire network but at the same time you are setting up a bright future for your next project. As long as you stick to a disciplined schedule ANYTHING CAN BE DONE.

Some good podcast distribution platforms are Libsyn.com or Podbean.com

Internet Radio Station suggestions are Tunein.com or ShoutCast.com

As previously stated these are merely suggestions and are not an end to all of your budget issues. All of the above takes time, work, and investing but like the EPIC saying goes “You need to spend money to make money” ESPECIALLY in the ever fluctuating economic roller coaster we call the Music Industry. REINVESTING may or may not be an expensive route.

If this helped answer questions pertaining to budgets, or may help an artist you know. Please share this link and follow us on social media for more updates. Click here for more of Hip Hop Headquarters and TripleHQ.com


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