Music Producer Collaborations: Exporting Stems

There are millions of music producers entering the game with little to no experience. Most seasoned producers take offense to this. Especially when you don’t have the basics down. So in order to eliminate the negative vibes off of the first impression, lets sort it out. Since I personally use FL Studio 20 for my music production (personal preference) I will be using those images to explain. Rest assured that this information can be used in all Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). We are also going to dive into the terminology and explain what we need to do and why. So lets look at some facts for music producer collaborations.

Exporting stems is the most important part of the collaboration. To get the melody to our co-producer or to get the stems saved we are going to use “wav” format. We usually export an MP3 that has one Master track, holding all frequency information of the song. This gives the listener the full experience of the track. We do not want the full experience in this situation because we are usually just looking to send over a piece of the track. So lets take a look at the Mixer Tracks in order to understand this better.

FL Studio 20 Mixing Tracks

The green dots along the mixer track levelers, are there to either solo or mute the tracks. Say, you have a full beat with drums and everything. For whatever reason you want to use this for a collaboration. Simply turn the green lights off to eliminate drums if you want to send a melody. This makes music producer collaborations much easier. Your co-producer is going to appreciate this type of organization. Your brand reputation is everything in the music industry so be professional and have etiquette. Work ethic is great but knowledge is part of your responsibility.

FL Studio 20 Export

Let’s export and then save the tracks we have selected into “wave file” format. For superior organization, lets save these “stems” in a folder. In this field we want to work smarter and not harder. Organizing your computer files is the way to succeed as a music producer.

Make sure to look out for the next blog post on this topic. If you have a question or want to discuss some music production tips in the comment section feel free. There will be more on this topic so let us know what you think in order to get the information you need to win. We have all been in the beginning stages so lets discuss some difficulties you are facing. If you have some “Do’s and Don’ts” suggestions let us know.


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