Myke Bogan Gets Aggressive on a wild beat for “No Peace”

Portland by way of LA rapper Myke Bogan was chilling with his old friend Big D and talking music. D said, “Bro I just want you to gas again…personally bro I don’t think you can do it anymore.” Myke lives to rise to a challenge, and he had the perfect beat from 2thirty5 to do just that. From lines about his hometown of LA to touching on his disdain for the President, Myke comes hard from the first bar.

“No Peace” couldn’t be further from the first single off of Myke’s upcoming album Cult Beauty. “Jolly,” is a vibe filled summer love song but here Myke show’s his versatility and another side of his personality, “I hide so much shit, but I have a very very dark side to me. And a bunch of life shit had just happened and really taken a toll on me. I was ready. I went crazy on it.”

On Cult Beauty Myke plans to give his fans what they crave. He uses many of his listeners favorite tracks to inspire new, elevated versions that show his growth but nod to his past. “Truck Driver is basically a reincarnation of Metal Explosions [2015].” So turn up your speakers or headphones and hope you don’t blow them out. “No Peace” is out now.


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