MYNDSHARE – Wherever You Are

MYNDSHARE​ is a mysterious producer collective between Berlin and LA.They have an extensive background in urban and dance music production and were also part of the Jiggy Joint Team, which remixed and produced artists such as B2K & P.Diddy, Lil’ Jon, Usher, Britney, Madonna, Beenie Man, Dante Thomas etc…

The last single “Walk Of Shame” featured non other than the nephew of Chaka Khan, the LA singer Ben McCrary.

For the next single the producer team chose to cover and update a song from 2002 called “​Wherever You Are​”, a club hit from back then which garnered an international following which resulted in various fan-made “Anime” videos using the song for its emotional content. These YouTube videos have amassed millions of views and show the great potential of the song, see a selection here:

The updated 2019 version of ​“Wherever You Are”​ starts with the same hypnotic, almost classical piano/harp key melody, which get doubled up by breathy vocals. The song then builds up rhythmically before dropping into a ​bass-heavy future beat​ groove where vocal-chops mix up with ​trap beats​ and also ​future-house​ elements.

Lyrically the song expresses the everlasting emotions and feelings of “thinking and missing that special person wherever they may be”…


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