NA1AM Debuts New Single “Perfect Timing” | @Na1amstradamus |

Pittsburgh hip-hop artist, NA1AM, is teasing his single—“Perfect Timing”—set to drop November 8. An affirmation fending off the feelings of self-doubt that come with the beginning stages of anyone’s independent career. The track itself starts off similar to the build up of any Pittsburgh trap-rap record; however, NA1AM uses his natural vocals to add in a catchy hook assuring himself that everything comes in “perfect timing”.

Born in Togo, Africa and migrating to America at age 5—NA1AM—grew up with an open perspective of the world around him. After moving to New Jersey and then New York, his family settled down in Pittsburgh, PA. In his adolescence, NA1AM dabbled in making music and expanding his creative capabilities; taking inspiration from his community and major artists of the time such as Lil Wayne. Mature far beyond his years, NA1AM uses music as a way to connect with more people that—just like him—are figuring out life day by day. The now 24 year old is looking to book more live performances to win over his “undiscovered” fans.

NA1AM ended 2018 with 3 featured tracks on Play With Purpose by WiNWRLD; a creative collective of “family” members based in Suaga, Canada, Upstate New York, Washington D.C., and Pittsburgh, PA. Starting off 2019 with only 5 tracks in his discography, he was proud to release his first independent album, NA1AMzWORLD , in January. The project included stand out records like “Outta Ya Lane”, “22 East”,and—self titled— “NA1AM2x”. After linking up with rising producer, Bwitdaheat, the duo implemented their skills to create their debut EP, HEATWAVE (May 2019). The highly anticipated EP caught traction after his most recent live performance setlist included fan-favorites like: “Big Poppa”, “Misfits”, and “Originals”.

November 8, tap in to experience NA1AM’s ability to evoke emotions not only with his words but also with his structure and vocal delivery on his upcoming single, Perfect Timing produced by Witdaheatgang member, Billionaire Diggs.


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