Najii Person Ft Brock Seals – “On the Regular”

Najii Person Najii Person is “on top” with his latest release

To know the St. Louis based rapper, is to know his ability to play on words, and although he’s switched up the tune, his word play is still immaculate in this tale of what he does in his everyday life accompanied by rapper Brock Seals another St. Louis artist on his way up.

Najii Person is one of St. Louis’ most celebrated underground rappers/producers. Drawing inspiration from gospel music and modern day hip-hop, his sound is pleasantly eclectic and very much his own. Najii was less than impressed with the music scene in St. Louis. Shortly after, he moved back from living in the chi and vowed to help change the way people perceived music in his hometown. His experience in Chicago allowed him to quickly break onto the St. Louis scene and is continuing his journey to be the best.